Board and Committees

The People behind the Partnership

All partners have a role in planning and monitoring implementation of NAWMP in Alberta.

The Alberta NAWMP Partnership is governed by a Board of Directors, led by a Management Committee and guided by three sub-committees; Science, Policy and Communications. The Board and Management Committee are tasked with coordinating the Partnership and advancing its goals and objectives, as well as assigning tasks to the Policy, Science and Communications Sub-committees. In turn, the work of these sub-committees has greatly advanced NAWMP’s identity, credibility and opportunities in Alberta.

Ducks Unlimited Canada administers NAWMP in Alberta and provides a dedicated staff member to coordinate the Partnership’s efforts. The Alberta NAWMP Coordinator reports to the Partnership’s Board of Directors, sits as an ex-officio member on the Management and sub-committees, is responsible for implementation of Alberta NAWMP activities and manages of the associated budget.

Board of Directors

The Partnership’s Board of Directors provide strategic direction, set policy and approve budgets, work plans, programs and habitat projects for all NAWMP activities in Alberta. Meet our Board of Directors:

  • Len Kryzanowski, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
  • Travis Rippley, Alberta Environment and Parks (Chair)
  • Perry McCormick, Ducks Unlimited Canada
  • Ron Bennett, Environment and Climate Change Canada
  • Bob Demulder, Nature Conservancy of Canada

Management Committee

This committee oversees the day-to-day operations of Alberta NAWMP. The Management Committee includes:

  • Roger Bryan, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
  • Jason Caswell, Alberta Environment and Parks
  • Barry Bishop, Ducks Unlimited Canada-Prairie Parkland
  • Alain Richard, Ducks Unlimited Canada-Boreal
  • Ron Bennett, Environment and Climate Change Canada-Canadian Wildlife Service
  • Marie Tremblay, Nature Conservancy of Canada
  • Michael Barr, AB NAWMP (Chair)

Alberta NAWMP Sub-committees were established to provide the Management Committee and Board of Directors with strategic direction in three key operational areas; policy, science and communications.

Policy Sub-Committee

This sub-committee provides advice to the Management Committee and Board of Directors on government policies, programs and legislation affecting Alberta NAWMP delivery programs and provides Alberta NAWMP perspectives in multi-stakeholder policy consultations and initiatives. The Policy Committee includes:

  • Jason Cathcart, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
  • Ken Calbick, Alberta Environment and Parks (LUS)
  • James Benkie, Alberta Financial Services Corporation
  • Gerry Haekel, Alberta Environment and Parks (PL) (Chair)
  • Thorsten Hebben, Alberta Environment and Parks (WP)
  • Glenn Mack, Alberta Environment and Parks (FW)
  • Chad Willms, Alberta Environment and Parks (RP)
  • Tracy Scott, Ducks Unlimited Canada
  • Ron Bennett, Environment and Climate Change Canada-Canadian Wildlife Service

Communications Sub-Committee

This committee supports the Alberta NAWMP Partnership vision through strategic communications planning and implementation. The Communications Sub-Committee includes:

  • Paul Jungnitsch, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
  • Glenn Gustafson, Alberta Environment and Parks (Chair)
  • Cathy Mackenzie, Ducks Unlimited Canada
  • Jaimee Dupont-Morozoff, Nature Conservancy of Canada
  • Amber Medynski, Environment and Climate Change Canada
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The collective effort of all NAWMP partners can achieve more than the individual agencies acting alone.

Robert Harrison, Acting Director
Environmental Strategies Branch
Alberta Environment