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Water for Life action plan released

November 20, 2009 | Posted by AB NAWMP

Action plan guides Alberta’s water management

Edmonton…Healthy aquatic ecosystems, conservation and education are priorities in the renewed Water for Life action plan. The strategy and action plan together set the direction for water management in Alberta over the next 10 years.

“Economic and population growth in Alberta over the past several years has put increased pressure on Alberta’s water supplies,” said Rob Renner, Minister of Environment. “The strategy and action plan respond to growing demand and provides the roadmap to manage and protect Alberta’s water.”

The plan lays out the actions Alberta intends to deliver over the next decade. It includes activities Alberta committed to deliver as part of its original Water for Life strategy and incorporates new actions to address the province’s emerging water challenges and current realities. The action plan also supports regional environmental objectives and Alberta’s cumulative effects management approach.

“Thanks to the success of Water for Life to date, I think all Albertans understand the need and urgency to better manage our water supplies for our communities, environment and prosperity,” said Gord Edwards, executive director of the Alberta Water Council. “This action plan signals a new era for Water for Life that we are both delighted to see and excited to embrace as we continue to work with the Government of Alberta and the entire water community to sustain our water resources long into the future.”

The Alberta Water Council’s 2006–08 implementation review acknowledged that Water for Life implementation is making good progress. The Council identified the need to: integrate and coordinate the management of land, water, air, biodiversity and the cumulative impacts of development; ensure partners have the funds and people needed to complete their work; and encourage Water for Life leaders and champions. They also made recommendations to increase focus on education and protect Alberta’s rivers, lakes and aquifers from overuse and contamination.

“The dedication and good work done by the Alberta Water Council continues to ensure Water for Life remains relevant and effective,” said Renner.

The Water for Life strategy is the blueprint for water management in Alberta, ensuring the province’s water quality and quantity supports our people, economy, and environment. Water for Life was originally released in 2003 and renewed in 2008 to meet the changing realities of our growing province. Implementation of Water for Life involves the efforts of many partners including non-government organizations, industry, provincial and other governments. The detailed action plan supports the successful implementation of the strategy’s goals and directions.

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