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Alberta Hosts NAWMP 25th Anniversary Event

December 20, 2011 | Posted by AB NAWMP

After 25 years – still going strong!

On October 13, 2011, many board and committee members (past and present) and their invited guests attended the Alberta NAWMP 25th Anniversary lunch and celebration.

Past Alberta NAWMP Coordinator Morley Barrett spoke on the origin of Alberta NAWMP and noted how its organizational structure is unique: the founders decided not to set up an independent body; rather, they promoted a model where all partners contributed representatives in support of the partnership. This idea set the tone for an enduring and productive quarter century of mutual cooperation.

Mr. Barrett pointed out that the partnership is made up of “lots of work from lots of people” and acknowledged “turf wars, growing pains, and lots of give and take.” But despite challenges, Alberta NAWMP succeeded, and soon membership and involvement in NAWMP was considered prestigious! Mr. Barrett noted “Today, with the biggest biodiversity program in the prairies, political support and very solid wildlife programs that include and account for agriculture, NAWMP is one of the most successful (conservation) organizations ever.”

Ron Bjorge, Alberta’s Director of Wildlife and current Chair of the Alberta NAWMP Board of Directors, thanked Mr. Barrett and the rest of the founding board for their “very solid thinking” in the beginning. He commended their vision of “funding, a plan and boots on the ground. Today, we continue to focus on conservation of wetlands and associated habitats, good governance of the partnership, the promotion of beneficial policy all on a foundation of science. We have much to be proud of: this is personally some of the most rewarding work I’ve been involved with – we know what we have to do, and we know how to do it.”

David Ingstrup, Regional Director for Environment Canada and PHJV chair, spoke to the national perspective of NAWMP. “Alberta NAWMP‘s success is a factor in the success of a continental partnership, an impact registering in Alberta, across Canada and beyond.” The ongoing success of Alberta NAWMP‘s partnership is stronger than ever, evidenced by the people in this room who dedicate countless hours and contribute their talents taking us in new and interesting directions.”

Jamie Fortune, Ducks Unlimited Canada’s Executive Director, also offered his congratulations for the real effect by partners on the Alberta landscape. “While we face many challenges and competing priorities, Alberta NAWMP will fare well because of the on the ground results everywhere you go in Alberta.”

Alberta NAWMP is truly a model of enduring success: bring on the future. We are ready!

Congratulations Alberta NAWMP!