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iclickers inform Spring 2013 Wetland Forum

March 26, 2013 | Posted by AB NAWMP

On March 5, 2013, 80 wetland professionals participated in a forum to discuss Wetland Restoration in Alberta: Current Status and Future Potential. Wetland restoration was clearly defined at the onset as ‘drained or altered naturally occurring wetlands.’

We recognized, but set aside for the day, a possible range of constructed/partially constructed wetlands and their associated terminology (e.g. rehabilitate, reclaim, replace, renovate, remediate, etc.).

Three speakers prepared participants for discussion by framing the topic:

  • Why wetland restoration (Academia)?
  • Current policy guidance on wetland restoration(Government of Alberta)
  • Successes and challenges in implementing wetland restoration (Ducks Unlimited Canada)

Download the presentations from:

Five panelists then convened and related their respective sector’s past, present and future connection to wetland restoration, including Urban (Calgary and Edmonton) and Rural Municipalities (AAMDC), Academia (University of Alberta/Fiera Biological Consulting), and Watershed Planning and Advisory Groups (North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance). A short Q & A session followed.

To further expose participants to the scope, variety, and distribution of Alberta’s remaining wetlands and past losses, a virtual provincial tour (Google Earth™) was conducted.

Following this activity, groups of five participants shared experiences and discussed ideas for 25 minutes around the question: How can capacity for wetland restoration be increased in Alberta? Groups recorded their ideas, suggestions, or solutions on comment sheets at each table and selected one or two key points they would like the panel to discuss.

All participants then voted electronically on the top 5 ideas, suggestions, or solutions using i>clickers™. Check out the Spring_2013_Wetland_Restoration_Forum_iClicker_Results.pdf

The final activity of the day was to reassemble the panel (same panelists plus morning speakers), then seek voluntary responses from panelists on each of the top 5 ideas, suggestions, or solutions followed by a short Q & A session.

A full summary of the forum proceedings is now available. Download it here Alberta_NAWMP_Wetland_Forum_Summary_March_2013.pdf