News from April 2014

Spring Wetland Forum focuses on collaboration

April 28, 2014 | Posted by AB NAWMP

In March 2014, 57 wetland professionals participated in a forum to discuss “Collaborating on Wetland Stewardship”.

Participants heard presentations on how collaboration could enhance protection and conservation, management, extension and education, and research – four key aspects of wetland stewardship. Speakers also shared further thoughts in a panel discussion and responded to questions from the audience.

Some of the day’s presentations are available for download here:

The remainder of the day was spent in three World Cafe sessions in which participants brainstormed and recorded ideas on how they could enhance collaboration in the areas of wetland protection, management, and extension.

Key points and observations gathered from the World Cafe discussions included:

  • Education is key.
  • Good intergovernmental and inter-jurisdictional relationships are essential.
  • An integrated perspective in wetland conservation and management is needed.
  • Build on the good collaborative work already being done.
  • Identify and implement appropriate new tools and approaches
  • Local support and collaboration are foundations for successful wetland stewardship.

For more information, download the Spring Wetland Forum Summary Report.