News from February 2015

Wading Deeper into Wetland Stewardship at the Wetland Stewardship Workshop

February 6, 2015 | Posted by AB NAWMP

In the spring of 2014, the Alberta NAWMP Partnership hosted a forum entitled “Collaboration in Wetland Stewardship”. Attendees representing provincial and municipal governments, non-government organizations (NGO) and academia agreed on the need to work in a more coordinated fashion but the “how to do this” remained unanswered. Participants indicated they would prefer to operate in an environment where policies were aligned, wetland values were understood, competitive tools were available, collective achievements were tracked and more collaborative implementation was possible. Furthermore, navigating in this environment would be simple, clear and without barriers.

Pre-Meeting Assignment
Attendees were asked to bring an example, need or idea to the workshop that can be explored through a collaborative approach under categories of wetland protection (save), on-the-ground actions (fix) and education (learn).

Meeting Objectives
Assemble experts among key stakeholders in wetland stewardship to help answer the practical question “How can we work together on voluntary stewardship of Alberta’s wetlands?”

Meeting Outcome
Several project ideas were identified:

  • SAVE Collaborative Objective: Increase alignment between legislation and municipal decision-makers for saving wetlands
  • FIX Collaborative Objective 1: Enable municipalities to be wetland restoration leaders
  • FIX Collaborative Objective 2: Identify wetland restoration priority areas
  • LEARN Collaborative Objective 1: Engage and encourage a wetland Community of Practice

The organizing body (Alberta NAWMP) will:

  1. Draft Terms of Reference for each (or merged) Objective(s) to address or test project ideas,
  2. Explore concept of cross-agency Task Groups under NAWMP that advance project ideas identified (above), and
  3. Solicit voluntary involvement on Task Groups among attendees of this workshop or others with expertise to provide.

Time Frame
Spring 2015