What We Do

The Alberta NAWMP Partnership (Alberta NAWMP) exists to conserve and protect Alberta’s wetland resources and associated upland habitat.

AB NAWMP draws its vision and mission directly from that of its parent partnership, the Prairie Habitat Joint Venture (PHJV). Click here to learn more about the PHJV.

Our Vision

Healthy prairie, parkland and boreal landscapes that support sustainable bird populations and provide ecological and economic benefits to society.

Our Mission

Provide leadership to achieve healthy and diverse waterfowl and other bird populations through conservation partnerships. These partnerships strive for sustainable and responsible management of the landscape taking into account social, economic and environmental factors.

How We Do It

The Partnership achieves its restoration and habitat retention goals through a broad mix of directed, science-based conservation activities, focused extension and communications endeavors, and proactive efforts to influence conservation policy and legislation.

Led by Science

All of our efforts have a foundation in solid scientific principles. Research and science lays the groundwork upon which our direct habitat retention programs and extension activities are developed and implemented.

Supporting Policy

The Alberta NAWMP Partners know how important policy and legislation is to the future of Alberta’s wetlands and uplands. That’s why we work with policy makers, landowners and groups like the Environmental Law Centre to understand and influence how new (and old) laws, policies and programs affect environmental conservation.

Communicating our Successes

Communication serves a very important role in strengthening and promoting the Partnership. This is why we are fully engaged in communications and outreach activities that inform and challenge the partners and showcase the Partnership’s innovations and adaptations to the broader NAWMP community.

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The collective effort of all NAWMP partners can achieve more than the individual agencies acting alone.

Robert Harrison, Acting Director
Environmental Strategies Branch
Alberta Environment